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Stay Hungry

When our client Tenderfoot TV partnered with famed muralist Greg Mike to create the Stay Hungry mural on Atlanta’s Ponce de Leon Avenue, Station16 was asked to document the creation of the artwork. That original concept gradually expanded to production of a documentary on the artist, his body of work, and his latest creation.



Video Documentary

Station16 co-produced, filmed, and edited the documentary from beginning to end. We began by documenting the creation of Stay Hungry with aerial drone footage and photography. We produced an intimate interview of Greg Mike by Tenderfoot TV producer Payne Lindsey in the artist’s studio. We also captured B-roll footage of other murals in Greg Mike’s body of work as well as behind-the-scenes footage at his studio.

Social Teasers

In addition to the production and editing of the documentary itself, Station16 created teaser trailers and a social media campaign to promote the film. We partnered with THEA Network, an Atlanta-based online video channel, to debut the documentary.

Behind the Scenes

We started production in early 2018 as Greg started his sketches on the wall. In order to be flexible to his schedule, we maintained a small 1- to 2-person crew so that we could efficiently capture his progress on the wall. Our main cameras for B-roll were the Ursa Mini Pro, a7sii and Inspire 1 Pro. We also had GoPros shooting a time-lapse of the entire process. After we finished collecting enough B-roll, we shot Greg’s interview at ABV gallery with an Arri Alexa Mini as our main camera and two Ursa Mini Pros for the single shots. We took all the footage and assembled an edit in Adobe Premiere. After picture lock, we colored the footage in Davinci Resolve in order to obtain a cohesive look between six different cameras.

Mural Launch

After the documentary was completed, Greg and Tenderfot hosted a launch party at 8Arm, celebrating the unveiling of the mural. Station16 provided prop design and event photography to capture their milestone.

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