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A top 20 iTunes podcast, UAV focuses on true crime mysteries. We help bring an auditory experience to life visually.
The web experience is designed to tell the story, introduce the podcast, and engage the audience into the narrative of the podcast. We accomplish this by personalizing the story of the podcast, through the person and place involved in the mystery, Tara Grinstead and Ocilla, Georgia. We walk guests through the story as told by the podcast, introducing the people, the evidence, and the events of both the podcast and the crime.

The People

By creating an illustration style to encapsulate the people involoved in this true crime story, we hope that we have connected the audience to the reality of the story in a way that invites people to dive deeper, while preserving the integrity of the real people.

The Evidence

Carrying the illustration style  through to the evidence, we wanted to give shape to these objects and places that play a pivotal role in the investigation and ultimately in helping to find justice in the case.
Promo video #1 for UAV website
Trailer for UAV Live tour