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Our Philosophy

Station16 started with a primary goal of building better brands. So many businesses and organizations have brands that don’t reflect their goals or potential. Our purpose is to help each brand define its strategy and message and build a brand that fuels its future.

Build. Better. Brands.


We collaborate with our client partners to listen, learn and define a successful strategy and grow their brands.


We strive to create a brand identity system and all of a brand’s assets that help embody the strategy and goals of the brand.


Every brand has a story. It’s our mission to help brands define their story and tell it to their audience to engage and convert.

We believe in powerful brands, brands who engage, connect and draw us into relationship.

We believe in powerful brands, brands who engage, connect and draw us into relationship.

Go Team!

We’ve assembled a band of tacticians and creatives to build and grow our clients’ brands.

Annie Smith

Annie Smith

Co-Owner · Photographer

Los Angeles native, Annie came to Atlanta during college and hasn’t left yet. With a BA in Video and Film and a minor in Photo from Georgia State University, she loves capturing a moment in an image or video. She is also exceptional at helping to keeping the business organized so Brenton can focus on the creative.

She manages to be a part of many projects while also being a mom to her and Brenton’s two daughters.
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Brenton Smith

Brenton Smith

Creative Director

Brenton is a Graphic Designer by trade and training. He has a BFA in Graphic Design from Georgia State University, where he also spent a little extra time exploring film, tv, radio, journalism and PR. He is married to his amazing wife, Annie, and together they have two daughters, Piper and Phoebe, who are more fun than a day at a theme park.
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Margo Edwards

Margo Edwards

Project Manager

An Atlanta native, Margo has a B.A. in history and chemistry from Rice University and an M.A. in museum studies from George Washington University. She spent a decade doing exhibition development and curatorial work in southern history museums, followed by a stint developing content for a child literacy website.

Now she’s decided to apply her experience to something new. She loves working with creative people, seeing what they can do and helping them be more effective. Her attraction to project management comes from a life-long love of telling other people what to do (and correcting their grammar).
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Jesh Anies

Jesh Anies

Graphic Designer

Before living in Atlanta, Jesh was born in the Philippines but experienced his childhood in Canada, where he discovered his love for drawing, painting, and basketball. After many sleepless nights, he achieved his BFA degree in graphic design from Georgia State University. Nowadays, he spends his time pursuing his creative passions in graphic design, catching up on lost sleep from college and waiting for the day the Atlanta Hawks win an NBA championship – or really any Atlanta team to win something big.
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