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Brand and Marketing


Shoreline Camps is the newest ministry in the North Georgia Camp & Retreat Ministries family. This lake-focused Christian camp program required a brand identity and website as well as photo and video assets, which made us at Station16 happy campers!


As the name suggests, Shoreline is focused on the point at which the safety of the land meets the risk and uncertainty of the water. The spiritual connotations and potential for spiritual growth of this intersection are core to the mission of Shoreline.

Station16 was tasked with developing an identity for this program even as the creators were still deciding what it would be like. Crucial to the brand identity was the age of the target audience – tweens and young teens. The identity therefore needed to appeal to kids without seeming targeted to little kids.

We looked to camping and scouting badges for our inspiration. Bold blues and yellow in the color palette evoke water, sun, and nature. In addition to the central shoreline imagery, the three trees suggest both the Holy Trinity and the camp’s natural environment. Careful attention was paid to how the brand might be deployed physically – displayed on screens, printed on marketing materials, embroidered on polo shirts.


The new Shoreline program needed only a micro website, but that one page needed to be attractive and engaging in order to encourage growing enrollment from year to year. A video in the header connotes action and draws the viewer in, while bright colors and numerous photos keep the momentum going strong while conveying visual and textual information about the camp. The site is structured on the back end to accommodate future growth. As Shoreline matures, its website is ready to expand to as many pages as needed. The site is also part of the NGCRM multisite.


Station16 has conducted multiple video shoots at Shoreline in order to capture the full breadth of the camping experience. Our goal was to tell the Shoreline story, of kids venturing beyond their comfort zones, facing their fears, and growing in the process. Utilizing aerial drone footage and GoPro action shots as well as conventional cameras, our crew documented water- and land-based activities, worship, and fellowship. This extensive and varied B-roll footage is blended with interviews to create a brand video representative of the Shoreline experience.


Extensive photography at Shoreline Camps aimed to capture both large and small aspects of camp life, from the thrill of tubing to the quiet joy of new friendship. Our photography also addressed such pragmatic concerns as accurately representing the range of activities offered as well as the campers’ racial diversity.

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Glisson Camp & Retreat Center provides a wide range of summer camp options as well as hosting retreats and conferences in other seasons. Station16 has partnered with NGCRM over several years to service as a strategic partner, rebrand Glisson, and cultivate content from web, to photography, video, and marketing assets.