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Brand & Web Design

Language Immersion ATL

Language Immersion ATL is an advocacy website promoting immersive language education opportunities in the Atlanta area. We crafted the site in partnership with the Atlanta International School as part of our promotion of the school’s new Mandarin immersion program.


Because the Atlanta International School was promoting a new language immersion program in its preschool, we designed an identity with a very child-friendly feel. Yet we avoided anything too childish, as AIS’s language immersion programs cover all preschool and elementary grades.

LIATL’s identity system is centered on a distinctive illustrative style. A series of classroom scenes shows racial and cultural diversity in addition to demonstrating how language immersion works. These various “characters” appear in primary illustrations on the website but also in other graphics on social media and in digital ads. Even our portraits of historical figures, from Martin Van Buren to Mahatma Gandhi, are executed in this style.


The target audience for the LIATL website is parents of young children who are interested in the idea of their children learning a second language. They have heard the term “language immersion” but don’t necessarily know what it is. Station16’s aim was to provide a source of general information about language immersion – what it is, how it works, how it benefits children, and where such programs are available in Atlanta. The site does not promote AIS specifically, but our goal was that AIS as its sponsor would be seen as the clear leader in language education in Atlanta. The site is engaging as well as informational. Fun quiz questions, memorable quotations, and biographical info on multilingual celebrities are all intended to draw in the user and pique interest in language learning. An interactive map allows visitors to search for schools offering immersion, filtering by language, grade level, or public/private status. A pop-up window encourages users to connect to the site by submitting their email address or asking a question.

Social Media + Ads

Station16 managed all social media accounts for LIATL, creating and scheduling content with the aim of cultivating a following and directing them to the LIATL website. Digital ad campaigns on Facebook and Google AdWords used LIATL content and graphics to direct people to the AIS website and admissions events.

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