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Research & Marketing

Atlanta International School

Atlanta International School is an elite K-12 private school focusing on language acquisition. When AIS planned to expand its programs, it turned to Station16 to identify and market to a new audience of applicants.

Market Research

In early 2017 the Atlanta International School (AIS) decided to add Mandarin Chinese to its language immersion offerings for Fall 2018 and to expand its support programs for heritage languages. The staff had only anecdotal evidence for who their target market for this new program might be. Station16 was contracted to identify the market and devise a plan for reaching them.

Station16 partnered with Helpfully to research the total addressable market, identify the addressable market, and gauge its size.

Marketing Plan

We developed a multi-pronged plan for promoting AIS’s new programs to the serviceable market. Knowing that the school already has relationships with several international groups in the city, we developed interview guides for school representatives to consult in focus groups, interviews, and informal interactions.

New social and web content ranged from video interviews of AIS families (see below) to creation of the advocacy website Language Immersion ATL. Digital ads on a variety of platforms promoted AIS’s admissions events as well as the language acquisition programs.


AIS’s biggest public event each year is WorldFest, a fair celebrating many cultures around the world, and its timing coincides with the beginning of the school’s admissions season. Station16 provided photo documentation of the event to create visual assets for use in marketing the school to prospective students and families.


We filmed interviews during WorldFest to capture family testimonials to AIS’s value and success. With minimal prompting, enthusiastic parents praised the school’s language programs, academic excellence, and strong community — the school’s three core values. We produced short videos focusing on each of these values, which could then be disseminated through web, social, and digital ads.

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