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dBASI is a multi-service technology design-build firm based in Gainesville, Georgia. Station16 guided the company through a thorough rebranding process, creating a brand family with a website and collateral suite for each individual brand.

Founded in the 1980s, dB Acoustics & Sound, Inc. grew and expanded over the decades to offer additional services and expertise in video, lighting, control, system design, and even custom-built acoustical panels. The name was updated to dB Audio & Video, but the range of services offered was muddling the message of the company’s core values.

Station16 persuaded the leadership at dB Audio & Video that the company needed much more than just a new logo. We conducted market research, evaluated the firm’s existing customer base, and surveyed the staff to identify their needs, goals, and values.

We ultimately recommended the company divide its services among several brands, keeping the core services in one primary brand and splitting the design services and acoustical panels into separate brand identities. The client opted to test our recommendations by adjusting their business model and the way they present their services to their own clients. The results were immediate and convincing.

Station16 was soon contracted to execute this brand multiplication effort. In consultation with the client we developed a brand name, logo mark, logo type, colors, and fonts for the parent brand (dBASI) and three sub-brands (dB Integrations, Balance, and Covalent). We aimed for these brands to fit together as a brand family while also being strong enough to stand individually. We designed and managed production of a multisite website and a collateral suite for each brand.

The dB Integrations mark represents the several services dB offers being integrated into one custom solution for the client. The lines, coming together in a kind of arrow, suggest upward momentum and progress. The mark is also evocative of the fingers of a sound engineer’s hand pushing the sliders on a mixing console. The bold royal blue is the most prominent in the dBASI family palette, indicating that dB is the primary brand within the family.

Read more about our work for dB Integrations here.

By marketing dBASI’s design consulting services separate from its design-install services, Covalent actually increases sales for the parent company by removing the pressure on clients to commit up front to using one company for the entire span of a project. These clients often choose to contract with dB Integrations for design-build services after experiencing the top-notch work of Covalent.

The Covalent logo mark is a hexagon divided into two pieces. The larger piece represents the “C” in Covalent, while the two pieces together connote both collaboration and strength. The blue-green color was chosen to coordinate with both the blue of dB Integrations and the green of Balance.

Balance is unique among the dBASI brands because it involves in-house manufacturing of a product. Balance produces custom-made acoustical panels to suit a variety of spaces and audio needs.

The squared lines imply an acoustical panel, while the wave in front suggests a sine wave, the graphical representation of a sound wave. The lighter weight of the lines in this logo mark and type suggest the acoustical balance of a well-designed room and the softening of harsh acoustical conditions. The gray-green color is also the softest color in the brand family.

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