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Build Better Brands

The Why and the How

by Brenton Smith


Build better brands, that listen, that engage, and that draw you in.

At Station16 we believe that every brand is a story. The story of the people behind a brand and the story of their customers.

A well crafted brand is fundamental to a company’s success. Any brand can have a service or product with a potential market, but connecting with the right audiences is critical.

Too often companies focus on WHAT they do, but forget the WHO and WHY. Who are their audiences, and Why is their product meaningful to those audiences? If we understand the Who and Why, then we can have a direct line to building customer relationships and success.

People are built to connect to stories. If a story is meaningful, then we can build a relationship from that narrative. How you tell your brand story determines your growth. Branding is not just the beautification of a business, it drives that business’s future.

Whether you are aiming to build a brand or improve a brand, the thought, the design and the narrative can all come together into a brand story and marketing strategy that can connect the right audiences and grow your business if you focus on the Who and the Why.

Build better brands, brands that listen, brands that engage, brands that draw you in.

Brenton Smith

Co-Founder + Creative Director

Brenton is driven to help build strategies and creative for brands that helps them grow and fulfill their goals.

More about Brenton on our team page.

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