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Brand & Web Design

The Ticket Magician

The Ticket Magician is a start-up company in the secondary ticketing space, using dynamic pricing on numerous platforms to sell customers’ extra event tickets. Station16 was brought on at the beginning to guide the start-up through brand formation, launch, and marketing.


The Ticket Magician approached Station16 with a company name, an inexpensive logo, and a dream – to sell people’s extra sports and concert tickets with white-glove customer service. The founders had provided this service to friends and family while running Dabble Entertainment, a ticket broker service, and were ready to spin it off as a new business.

Station16 began by developing a brand identity, including logo mark, type, and color palette. The new logo is suggestive of both a paper ticket and the capital letter M, with a single magician’s star in the center. The blue-green primary brand color is mean to grab one’s attention while standing apart from the colors of the 10+ platforms on which The Ticket Magician sells tickets.

Station16 developed brand language with the goal of being memorable but also informative, as the start-up was aiming for a niche market. “Make Your Tickets Disappear” was chosen as the tagline, with supporting language highlighting the business’s value propositions and benefits.


Photos of the five-member Ticket Magician team help web visitors connect with and trust the company. The photos also serve as high-quality profile pictures for personal social media accounts, helping staff to promote the company through their personal networks.
Images of such ancillary items as physical and digital tickets, jerseys, and programs, serve as visual assets for web, social, and ads.


Testimonial videos can be used in multiple platforms, building trust in The Ticket Magician’s brand by allowing people to hear directly from satisfied customers. Versions of these videos are employed on the website, in social media, and in digital ads. We also chose site locations to highlight Atlanta’s best sports and concert venues.


Our microsite for the start-up employs the company’s new branding and language and is structured to allow for future expansion. Custom illustrations spell out The Ticket Magician’s process for customers. We included customer service features such as a chatbot, ticket submission form, and email capture.