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Product Design

Roots Brewing co.

Roots Brewing Co. is a craft brewing company start-up, set to open in 2019 outside Des Moines, Iowa. The owners came to us with a name and a story, and invited us to partner with them in building the Roots brand from the ground up.

Brand Formation

We started with research and a survey to feel out the clients’ values, priorities, and aesthetics. These results informed our concept development for a brand identity.

Moving beyond literal imagery of beer and roots, this visual identity aims to capture the clients’ embrace of heritage and story in their vision of a business that would be indelibly rooted in its local community.

  • Roots Logomark
  • Roots Stacked Logo
  • Roots Logotype
  • Roots Mini Logo Stacked (Horizontal)
  • Roots Mini Logomark
  • Roots Mini Logo Stacked
The shield reflects Roots as a family. It is a crest that harkens to a sense of legacy and honor to the generations who have come before them and made them who they are. The “R” in the primary crest is a pattern of lines with the “R” intertwined. This pattern is an echo of Roots’ value of being grounded in the soil of their family heritage, from Georgia to Iowa. It also reflects the deep agricultural bond that Iowa has and how Roots will connect to local farmers to source many ingredients and help continue to support local Iowa producers. The team at Roots wants everyone who tastes their beer and visits their future brewery to feel welcome and to know that their story is important. Everyone has roots, and coming together to share a beer, hang out with others of all walks of life and learn from each other makes us all a better community. And we have more fun.


An extensive yet leisurely photo shoot of co-founders Zach and Ann Dobeck served to create a base of visual assets as well as establish the foundation of the Roots brand as a family, and deeply personal brand. Zach, a Georgia native and long-time beer lover, chose to follow his dream and build a brewery in his wife Ann’s home state of Iowa. The Roots brand story is grounded in the story and heritage of the Dobeck family as they plant their roots in their new hometown and family business.


How to produce video of a brewery that doesn’t exist yet? Repurposing our own footage of another brewery establishment, we carefully selected unbranded imagery that evoked the community values of Roots. We then added Roots branding, giving future customers a taste of what’s to come.


Station16 designed and developed a micro site with the goal of emphasizing the client’s values of openness, community, family, and comfort. Custom video and photography illustrate these values even before ground is broken on the brewery building. Our goal for this initial website is to pique interest and invite interested people to join the Roots community.


A consumer brand like a brewery is served well by a collection of merchandise that their audience can own and rep. For Roots we have created an ever growing and evolving suite of branded merch to satisfy the throngs of beer fans.