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KIPP Metro Atlanta

KIPP Metro Atlanta is a collective of charter schools in Atlanta, bringing bright futures to students in some of our city’s most underserved neighborhoods. KIPP is an ongoing partner of ours and trusts us to tell their story through brand films and photography for all their campuses.


Brand Film

Our charge from KIPP is to tell their story through the eyes and voices of their students, parents, teachers, and staff. The only trouble is, there is no shortage of folks with inspiring stories from their KIPP experience. The KIPP story is one of communities thriving.

As we visit each of the eight KIPP campuses, we are constantly inspired by the energy and joy for learning we see in each class. Every scholar is engaged and challenged by the KIPP teams to go further and think in new ways as they learn. One look at our photos of KIPP, and you can see that these scholars have bright futures ahead of them.