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Thematic Brand Design

C4SO Clergy Conference

Churches for the Sake of Others (C4SO) is a small yet nationwide diocese in the Anglican Church in North America. C4SO asked Station16 to design a visual identity for their annual clergy meeting in Atlanta and provide photo documentation of the conference.




Visual Identity

Station16 had multiple meetings with C4SO staff to learn the theme of the conference, the audience, and the overall goals of the diocese. From those conversations, Station16 produced several design concepts based on relevant scriptural and theological references. We found consensus around the idea of a prism, as the role of the clergy is to transmit and also break down the Message of God for the people. We produced custom photographs and combined those images with illustrative elements to create the conference’s visual identity. Station16 then deployed that identity in a variety of mediums. Web and social graphics, presentation slides, signage, and nametags were all created with the Prism theme. This served to drive home the content of the conference as well as provide wayfinding guidance in the physical conference space.


Our photography sought not merely to document the conference but also to capture its emotional weight. Worship services and the ordination of new priests were on the agenda alongside business meetings, educational sessions, and fellowship dinners.