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Concert Tour Design and Visuals

Trip Lee

Each year, hip hop artist Trip Lee embarks on various live performance dates and tours. We work with Trip to develop a new visual design plan for each tour and content for each track in the show.
With each track we collaborate with Trip and his team to concept art direction. We research inspirations and formulate concepts and an execution plan. We then work to build out an aggressive schedule to complete a suite of videos for each tour, all of which are unique and designed to maximize the stage design impact and audience engagement. We utilize multiple means to create each video. With a mix of various animation styles, from 2D to 3D, along with film/video, we aim to create a tapestry for each track that thrills both Trip and his fans.
“War” is a track from Trip’s 2012 album, The Good Life. We used public domain war footage with animated lines and shapes to drive energy and connect to the lyrical momentum.
“Intro” is a track from Trip’s 2015 RISE tour. Trip had commissioned a design for his album, Rise, with a modern interpretation of a stained-glass window. We put that design into a 3D composition over an animated 3D landscape grid that moved in waves, as album art formed in the center and other elements rose out of the landscape. This opened his show for this tour.
“No Worries” is a track from Trip’s 2010 album Between Two Worlds. He mainly started using the track live in 2014 with this video. Our approach was to use build a trippy tapestry of shapes and colors that interacted energetically with the music and Trip’s lyrics.