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Brand Formation

Shotzy APP

Shotzy is an on-demand, app-based photography service for consumers and businesses. We helped Shotzy develop their brand, app, and a go-to-market strategy. We’ve also helped execute that strategy with their internal team as they grow and add new markets.







Shotzy’s founder had previously hired us to work on Keylingo, and wanted us to help him brand this new property as well. Station16 considered several factors in developing the visual identity for this start-up. The client wanted Shotzy to be perceived as approachable and friendly, connoting the ease of use of the service. We also aimed for a clean and modern look, to reflect that the service is app-based.

After numerous ideas and iterations, we landed on our bright color palette and smiley face logomark. The icon is suggestive of customers smiling for the camera, as well as photographers closing one eye while looking through the viewfinder. A playful wink completes the look, and the smile repeats in the logotype to tie it all together.

A short animation adds another level to the logo, with the mark serving as a camera, complete with an animated flash on top.


The Shotzy app is simple and powerful, connecting customers to photographers in just a few taps. The challenge was to take a complex process – selecting a photographer (or accepting a gig), scheduling a shoot time and location, submitting/receiving payment, and rating the experience – and making it easy for both customers and photographers. Station16 created the design and UX/UI of the app, and then collaborated with the builders to achieve the final product.


The Shotzy micro-website, developed in partnership with Tyrannosaurus Tech, offers a preview into the Shotzy experience. Intended to recruit both clients and professional photographers, the site must clearly address the needs and questions of two different audiences. Ultimately, the site aims to funnel all visitors toward downloading the app.


Station16 worked with the client to organize free photography events, from neighborhood parties to corporate head shots, in order to promote the new company and its services. While Shotzy cultivated its own stable of photographers, we offered our own services as Shotzy photographers to build a portfolio of work for the start-up. Behind-the-scenes photo and video of these events also provided visual assets for Shotzy’s promotional purposes.

We supplemented Shotzy’s promotional events with supporting collateral, including business cards, promo cards, and shirts. Outfitting Shotzy’s photographers with branded materials increases awareness of the brand among the general public who encounter the artists in action.