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Web Design

North Atlanta High School Foundation

The North Atlanta High School Foundation is a volunteer-run organization that raises funds to support the students and faculty of NAHS, one of the city’s premiere public schools. Station16 designed and built a website to effectively promote the foundation’s mission while also being easy for volunteers to manage.


Over the years and multiple changes, the NAHS Foundation’s website had grown unwieldy, so that the board could not make timely edits to basic information without outside help. Station16 was contracted to build a new site that would be more attractive, easy to navigate, and most importantly, easy for volunteers to edit. We were recommended for the project by a board member who we had previously collaborated with to work for both Keylingo and Shotzy brands.

We first conducted a thorough assessment of the site’s current content and structure as well as the foundation’s visual assets. With school colors of black and silver, photographs were crucial for adding color to the site. We recommended a new structure for the website, with fewer pages but more links between pages, and designed simple wireframes for client feedback.

After building out the website, Station16 conducted a training session to educate the Foundation’s website chair on how to edit text, photos, links, and other web content.


Just a few minutes of aerial video footage of the North Atlanta campus made for an extremely useful addition to the website. A short web loop in the home page’s header draws the visitor in while highlighting the impressiveness of this unique campus. Still images pulled from the footage are used throughout the website, enhancing the foundation’s collection of visual assets.