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Exhibit Design

Fox  in a box

The Fox Theatre Institute has an education program with the mission of sharing history and the arts in schools across Georgia. In this effort we helped them design and build an exhibit that shows kids this interwoven story of Atlanta’s culture and the history of the Fabulous Fox Theatre.

The multi-dimensional, multimedia exhibit features a progressive system of narrative panels, flat-screen presentations and videos. Children walk through the exhibit, and the history and art come to life through illustration, photography, and stories.


Collaborating with the Fox Theatre Institute team, we listened to their vision for the exhibit and worked through an iterative design process to capture the story and scope of the experience. We enjoyed many hours inside the hallowed halls of the Fox, photographing and sketching the beautiful designs inside. We translated the Moorish and Eygptian designs into an illustrative style that encompasses the Fox experience for children of all ages.


The Fox also commissioned us to produce a smaller version of the exhibit for small spaces and short-term exhibits.